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We believe that whole grain foods are very important to your well being. So important that we grind our flour fresh everyday, right in our bakery, from select Montana wheat. The FDA has stated that foods made with at least 51% whole grains act as potential heart disease and cancer fighters. To get these benefits, they recommend three servings of whole grains daily. Our whole grain breads contain all the components of wheat kernels (the bran, endosperm and germ) that provide the health benefits. That's why Great Harvest bread is the number one whole grain (whole wheat) bakery franchise in the world.

People have been eating whole grains longer than we've been living in houses. Early civilizations learned to cook water and ground grain into bread like matzo and pitas. It wasn't until the ancient Egyptians discovered yeast that the first breads were made. Ever since the Egyptians, bread making has gone through many changes.

At Great Harvest we combine the best of the new (like using ovens) with the best of the old (like using only the simplest ingredients and personally grinding our own whole wheat flour).

Once you've tasted the whole grain goodness in our breads, you'll begin to understand:

- Wheats are complex carbohydrates which provide time-released energy to the body throughout the day.
- Most Americans eat only about half of the daily recommended servings of grains.
- Wheat foods contain about half of the calories per gram as fats.
- Studies show that three servings of whole grains a day may reduce the chances of heart disease and some cancers.
- The Food Guide Pyramid suggests eating servings from all give food groups daily. This includes several servings of grains.

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